Tourdiary “Burning Fight”-Tour 2010

September 27th – Vienna

Last time we played Vienna 65 people showed up. So we don`t expect anything. Having breakfast in the beergarden of the Szene is quiet nice. Everybody is a bit tired because the sun was hitting on the bus and we felt like sleeping in a microwave.

I do a load of downloading of photos from the past shows, writing diary and uploading photos. Just another day on tour. When I leave the bus I run into a group of Serbian people which drove all the way from Belgrade to Vienna. Just like last time. They tell me that we have to play Belgrade and that another 3 cars are on their way to Vienna. Wow.

The presales weren`t very good and when we start playing the Szene is half full. Mostly all people standing in the back but all the Serbians standing in front and shouting out for us. A big thanks to these people because between every song there was that absolute silence in the hall. Scary wen you play the sound we do. But the guys from Belgrade gae us great support singing along, even stagedived into each other and have fun.

We gave our best because of them and had surpisingly some fun but without these people? Uhhh. After the show we had several beers with the Belgrades and enjoyed the talking about our show in the 90ies and their experiences during the war. Tonight YOT getting our nice nightliner to drive all the way to Milan/Italy. 800 Kilometers.

So we`re getting their normal bus which reminds us how touring feels normally. The touragency booked a Hostel which is on the other side of town. So we have to drive 45 minutes through Vienna which sucks. But the hostel is up a hill and gives a fantastic overview of all Vienna at night, which is beautifull. We have a few beers outside enjoying the view and got to bed.

September 26th – Prague

Last time we played Prague was the Rock For People and we don`t know what to expect tonight. The festival wasn`t so good and we`re a bit sceptic but when we enter the club we are very surprised. The Lucerna Musicbar looks like an old club, lots of corners, balcony and a very special stage which has a kind of round podest as a front stage. First we don`t know how to build up the backline. Should we live Lee alone on the front podest or join him? We joined him.

Today K-Town, our old hometown plays in the Legeau and we`re sadly watching them loose. Shit. I do two interviews while eating my Schnitzel. Some of us took a walk through the city and we`re all having a releaxed day. The soundcheck doesn`t give a good feeling because the hall sounds confusing and gives funny echoes but on the eleventh day noone of us pays that much attention to it. The Lucerna Musicbar has so many doorways, stairs and bars that we almost get lost or feel like Spinal Tap.

The first band Rank`n File plays a rough Punk Rock`n Roll and the audience supports them with good applause. Lots of people showed up and so we`re getting ready. Entering the stage a lot of photographers get their cameras ready and start shooting. I ry to ask if they can send us some photos later but noone understands me. Some metalguy just looks through his lense while I try to talk to him. No chance. Later during the set I recognize that the guy is pretty drunk. Wonder how these fotos turned out.

Starting with “Something to prove” the audience starts dancing, smiling, singing along and yelling. Wow, we are a bit overwhelmed. Didn`t expected that kind of reaction. Every song gets massive applause and shouting – even the new songs. Tonight we play “Cliff To Jump Off Of” wich turns out to be lots of fun for us on stage. Cameras clicking permanent and because of this round front podeststage, Steve and me always take care for the people standing at the sides of the stage jumpng and moshing into their direction, which is quiet fun because they don`t expect that and move a bvit more or sing along with us once they recognize to be in our focus. Funny.

We have a hell lot of fun and smile through the whole set. This night is ours and the audience is amazingly wild. Ending with the encore “Blood Stains”, “She`s Got V.D.” and “Try Again” the reaction of the fans is loud and wild. We are totally tired but also absolutely flashed by all this. What a great night which makes day 11 one of the best ones!

September 25th – Leipzig

Today is washing day because they have a washing machine AND a dryer. So we collect tons of dirty clothes and start washing to recognize that the dryer takes for hours to dry five shirts. Hardy changes from roadie to houswife and takes care for that stuff. We have good food and the backstage is big and comfortable. But the weather sucks. Rain nonstop.

We always had good memorys of Leipzig. We even had played there shortly after the wall came down and remember the confettirain they always celebrate there. Building up the backline as usual and soundchecking some of the new songs, having a great dinner and waiting for the show. Our clothes still coming out of the dryer still wet. Hmm.

A lot of people showed up and we are ready to play our 10th show in a row. It`s funny that we are feeling tired but when we hit the stage and the people react at least a little bit tiredness falls off and we slam as hard as we can. This night it works again like that. Opening with a few old classics the crowd is immediately with us. Dancing, singing along and the confetti, ready and prepared on each side of the stage, starts to fly massive.

Looks nice but let me tell you that breathing is not easy when you have your mouth stuffed with paper. But sure we like to see the people having fun. I even pick up paper and stick it on my sweaty face. We really enjoy the set and the fans celebrating with us. It`s definitely one of the best shows on this tour.

Tired but happy too that we had another great concert we`re sitting in the backstage and take a breath and a sip of beer. Our clothes are still running in the dryer. Some friends show up and we have a nice talk for hours and more beer. Hardy takes care of the dryer and I have a look at the boring disco that started right after the concert. Stupid Techno but at least something that breaks the routine of touring.

September 24th – Essen

Last time we played Essen in Zeche Car, there were 10 people! It was a show supposed to be with Girlschool but they chancelled. So you can imagine that we were looking very sceptic on that one. The Juze Papestr. is a big hall, high sealing and not very atmospheric if you ask me. The promoter is very motivated, almost too much. The backstage is also very cold and uncomfotable. We`re hanging around there and don`t expect a good show.

But when I walk though the audience later at night I get a good feeling. Around 400 people show up and the 3!! opening bands, all young and very agressiv, give their best. We`re still sitting in the basement thinking some thunderstorm is running over stage. Helge from Plastic Bomb-Fanzine shows up and some people from the Trust-Fanzine do a nice interview with us.

We`re slowly getting ready and start the set again with some old songs first. Audience is good and with us. With each song we`re getting more and more into it and thze audience is following. Great show and with the ending set of “Americans Are Cool”, “My God Rides A Skateboard”, “You`re Not A Punk” and “Only A Phase” we are getting a lot of sing along. Great evening again and we`re ending that night with a nice talk with Helge for Plastic Bomb before we all go to bed.

September 23rd – Berlin

Tonight is hometown gig for Markus and Steve. They go home while some of us are walking around in sunny Berlin. Nice city but a little to big and loud for my taste. Buidling up fast and getting soundcheck done it`s waiting time again. Tonight again there is no third band so we have to open up again. It`s sucks a bit but we hope for the good audience Berlin always gave us.

Starting with some oldschool-Classics the audience starts heating up fast. The SO36 is totally packed and almost sold out. People jam to all songs wether their old or new. We really enjoy that especially after Hannover. The hall is heating up more and more, we give everything we can and the pictures we took look great. Especially the lightning that night makes us look like being on a rockstar-stage. A fantastic concert is over much too soon and we are totally powered out but happy as hell. Berlin rules!
Sure another night where we drink too much beer and fall asleep much to late but happy.

September 22nd – Hannover

Never been in this club we are curious to play in a new location. It`s nice but a little too big for our taste. Tonight we will open up and we get mixed feelings about that because that is always a hard one. Lee decides to give a comment to the seenth day on tour via video, so I film it. Pretty funny. Especially the part when he declares to qui smoking and drinking and might join the Krishna-Temple in Essen.

We chill and have god food and get ready for the show. Lot of people came but the place is not packed. We start our set and not that much happening. After the fourth song we get confused in our programm. Beppos is reading “Knifethrower”, Steve is ready for “Say It Loud”. On is tuned normal the other song E is down on C. So everybody starts yelling songs while Steve and me tune up and down several times.

I guess people in the audiene thought they watch a schoolband on their first show. A few minutes later we are ready and continue but there is not a lot of reaction in the audience. They actually all stand, watching, some shake their head a little and give nice applause. That`s a hard one on the seventh show on the road. We try our best but nothing makes them move. Lee decides to stand thinking “if you can stand stil I can do to”. Yeah, why not. For this kind of music you need the reaction of the audience because this is what moves us. We end the proramm with “Thanks for standing with us”.

We talked a lot about what went wrong this night but didn`t found the answer. But we drank some and laughed our ass off later. YOT had a killer show, maybe the best one so far but when they got off stage they almost immediately sit on their laptops again while we, that should be depressed, have extrem fun telling crazy jokes. It`s a strange world.

September 21st – Amsterdam

This show was suppose to be our Of-Day but we got talked into doing it. But we only have to play 30 minutes, wich is cool because Lee hast to take care for his voice. Arriving in the early afternoon, we`re going for a walk and enjoy sunny Amsterdam.

At 8:00 o`clock we start our short set and the small room of the Melkweg is half full. So this is tough work but we give our best. It`s hard to push a lot of energy when there is not so much reaction but we keep on playing a short set and it looks like the people like it

Funny to meet two guys from Serbia there. One is the old promoter wich did our show in Belgrade 1990 and his friend wants to do the show this year or next year. Col. We will try to come over. After a litle dinner after the show we`re now siting in Hannover, waiting for the show to begin. Take care!

September 20th – Cologne

Arriving the same night you played at home (Beppo and me) is strange but great too. Hanging out with your gilr or wife and kids, take a little break from the tour routine feels good. The presales were good but we still have bee a bit nervous about the big hall in the Bürgerhaus Stollwerk. Goerg, the promoter today, is typical zynical and funny the same time. Catering is great and we built up quick.

Lots of friends show up and at least I am nervous as usual on hometown shows. Trying to say Hello to every friends is not easy. The Schöne Hubbätz play a powerfull set and the audience is already getting a little crazy. We slowly getting ready and change clothes.

Tonight we wrote a more “traditional” programm. Starting up with “Something To Prove” and “No Punks In K-Town”, we let everybody know, that we`re not here for a coffeebreak.

Heads start moshing, some sing along and with “Nothing Is Easy” and “Blood Stains” the audience really freaked out. Stagedivers everywhere, crowdsurfin, sing along and beer getting spread all over. Hell yeah, this is our night. We enjoy so much that we sometimes forget to play right but who gives a fuck. Tonight I do my first  stagedive on this tour on  “Try Again”. All songs get a good reaction, especially some of the new ones. Great.

After a very sweaty and powerfull show, we`d like to THANK everybody in Cologne for another amazing evening. So far on this tour this was the best one!!

Den Bosch – September 19th

While Hardy, the good soul of the family and roadie is serving me a drink, I write this while the bus is riding to Cologne. Tonight show in Den Bosch was quiet cool. Markus mentioned that the tour starts right now because tonight we played everything tight without thinking when the new songs came up. There were not that many people but they really gave us a good time singing along with us and pay good attention to the new songs.

It was quiet strange playing such a early show and Lee mentioned on stage, that our kind of music should not be played before 10 at night. We started playing at 4:30. Cool thing though that we will be in mine and Beppos hometown Cologne early. Before we started driving Lee and me took a piss outside and all of the sudden police came driving fast towards us while we are peeing, yelling something in dutch at us about “are you peeing outside in Germany too?” Markus told me later that the fee in Holland for so called “wild peeing” is 100 Euros. So they were nice not charging us. THANKS

After a nice dinner on stage at a big table with YOT and the local crew and Ray showing us a book about all kind of “how to escape handcuffs, etc.” we were out on the road again. So tommorrow we are ready for Cologne where Beppo and me (Roger) wil meet a lot of friends in the crowd. Cool to have that on tour.

Hasselt/Musziekodroom – September 18th

Being in Belgium feels god. Why? Because we always had good shows here. The place we play looks big and a bit to modern and cold but inside at least the concertroom is prety cool. Right capacity for about 500 people, not such a high stage but a huge backstage. Reading some of the graffittis are strange because there must have been some real dirty bands before (check the gallery).

Rudi Dexter is doing the show, the guy that was running Lintfabriek before, a very cool liveclub wich sadly got torn down. We enjoy the talking with the other bands, have a great dinner and get slowly ready for the show. My back hurts but adrenalin let the pain go almost away. We start this time with “Something To Prove” and the audience is already with us. Peple start jamming and we feel good. Funny part is happening in the middle, when we play “Try And Stop Us”: The songs has a short break in the middle, wich I start again with a litle melody. Because Beppo can`t hear me he doesn`t know when to start so nothing happens for seconds. We get lost and so we “stoped us” in a song wich definitely should work better.

Lot of the old songs get the crowd going, sing along, stagedives and dancing. All is good and we really enjoy being on stage. Great to meet Fabrice again, the guy that has our “Spermbird” tattoed on his chest. He is dancing wild and we share a few beers with him backstage. YOT play fast and heavy as every night and Rays voice get better during the set so they are happy too. We have a few beers, some visited the technodisco for a few minutes but came back fast. Again another great night for us and Lee, drinking tea and taking medicine, still has a good voice. So, all is fine and ready to roll on.

SAARBRÜCKEN – September 17th

We arrived in Saarbrücken in early afternoon and building up in a much too big hall. First we made the promoters removed the big barriers in front of the stage because we don`t like distance to the crowd, even though the stage was too high and big.

Nice catering made our arival and afternoon really comfortable. Did a soundcheck and practised a few of our new songs again. Long guestlist because a lot of friends show up. A special evening for Lee because it`s his hometown. When we hit stage more than 500 people were there and we got a bit nervous again. Starting with “Matter Of Fact” turned out good and people giving applause. For sure more heads mosh with the older songs.

We fucked up “Neighborhood Relations” because Lee got lost with the lyrics, I (roger) try to give him a reminder and then I forgot what to play in the chorus. Shit. But people were nice and still give applause. Played “Can`t Live Without It” again and “Try And Stop Us”. Both songs were solid and from the middle of the set, the crowd got more with us. The ending with “You`re Not A Punk” and “Only A Phase” made the audience get louder and first stagedive actions started.

So, it took a while to get the audience but at the end we think everybody was happy. Afterwards we went to Karate Club Meier, a nice bar were we met a lot of friends, drank some beer to hit the road to Hasselt/Belgium. Second day, everybody healthy, a bit tired but happy. See ya.

LYSS – September 16th

After loading in band, crew and equipment, we started our drive to Lyss in Switzerland. The great thing touring in a nightliner is, that you can take a nap while the bus is driving. So we drank, talked and slept well on our way to Lyss.

The Kulturfabrik in Lyss is such a new buidling that you can still smel the wood of the walls. Kind of strange but inside it was all nice and clean. But we were wondering who had the idea painting the whole hallway in neongreen. Pretty psychedelic. First time in our long history that we got beer out of a barrel instead of cases. Soundcheck turned out good and we were ready to play our first show of 17.

The presales were pretty low and there were around a 100 people when we hitting stage, pretty nervous playing some of the new songs first time. Starting with “Columbus Feeling” we got a little loose and played that pretty well. Following up with “Common Thread” and “Set An Example” the people gave big hands and a few were even dancing. Another new one “Can`t Live Without It” was fast as a speedcar. Boom over. “Meet Me In The Middle” Roger fucked up. In some songs each of us played little mistakes but in general it was pretty good for first time.

Youth Of Today played very fast and heavy and gave everything. Good set with no doubt that this band has a megapower, like us too =;o) Some chilling in the bus and a few beers and we all went to bed to get to Saarbrücken.

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13 Responses to Tourdiary “Burning Fight”-Tour 2010

  1. Martin says:

    Hey Steve,

    Donnerstag nach dem Gig in den Trinkteufel? ;-)


  2. Koppola says:

    “Selbst lahm und siech zu Spermbirds ich kriech”
    Dank auch vom Publikum an euch für den super Auftritt im Stollwerk. Das hat echt mal wieder Spass gemacht. Ihr hättet ruhig doppelt so lange spielen können.

    Schöne Grüsse / Koppola

  3. Christoph says:

    die faust in hannover war schon immer kein gutes pflaster für konzerte. eigentlich immer doof dort.

  4. ochsenhalbe says:

    29.09.2010 München: Großartige Show, vielen Dank für das Erlebnis! Gut, dass Ihr noch immer so wahnsinnig guten Hardcore-Punkrock macht. Viele Grüße! ochsenhalbe

  5. akoe says:

    old farts, fresh music in stuttgart.
    ha ha ha, i was in the park because of the demonstration. so i decided to have a beer at landespavillion with some oldschool-backgroundmusic from ex-trust-homie lee and friends. but what the fuck, i ended in a really funny hc-pit, dancin pogo the whole show. i’m not very much into hardcore music anymore, but that was really ass-kicking. normally i hate this kind of “granddaddy-shitbags go on tour 20 years after it was over”. but you guys where so fresh, powerful and exciting. it’s years ago, that i’ve seen stuttgart people in such a good party mood. HEY – you still rock!!!! thanks for a very very nice evening. and, lee, get a fucking hair cut. ;-)
    nice anekdote at the end. we witnessed a police conctrol close to the fence in the park after the show. the police officer asked a really drunk teen punk, where he came from: “From a concert at landespavillion”, was the answer. “What kind of concert?” – “Hardcore.” “What is that?” Answer teen punk: “You’ll not understand. It’s music, which is faster, than you think!”

  6. hagi says:

    what a show in hamburg. it was pretty intense and i enjoed every fuckin song.

    take care

  7. Thorsten Klatt says:

    Waas,ihr habt in Stuttgart gespielt ! Und keiner hat mir bescheid gesagt ! Die neue Scheibe ict Brilliant ! Habt ihr kein eigenes Merch mehr ? Greeds Thorsten

    • Tim says:

      ich hab´s auch erst auf den letzten Drücker erfahren. War eine sehr feine Sause, die ich in Benztown so nicht erwartet hätte!

  8. Maybe the GREATEST thing I have read all month :D

  9. Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  10. ian SCALLY says:

    Great stuff to read, please keep it up!!! Are you really playing Blackpool Rebellion? No- one seems quite sure… I hope so, any other UK dates?
    Facebook me.. Ian Scally (mohican guy with my daughter on a beach!!) Ta

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