South Africa 2005

A few words by Lee first: i’d only like to add that beppo is basically full of shit – except for the part about me being “mr. cool”. I’m normally a prince on tour, nice and forgiving to everyone around me. i’ll light your cigarette and pretend like i know you. i won’t “bitch-slap” you when you tell me that you didn’t like the last cd, because-hey-you’re just being honest. hell, i won’t even steal from you – your money or your girl.

…and when spermbirds leaves your town, you’ll think you’ve made some new friends. if i was even NICER in africa, it’s only because… well, it was AFRICA, dude. it’s the best bar-story i’ll ever have and one for the grandkids too. it was the reason we have the word “special” and none of us will ever forget it. and beppo, i won’t forget that there are OTHER drummers on the planet. and you shouldn’t forget it either.
lol. lee – September 2005

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