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Last show in 2022

We are looking forward to play the Rookie Fest 25+1 at November 12th in Hamburg/Knust. Will be our last one for this year but we’re already looking forward into 2023. Practice room is booked in January and February to work on all the new songs we have (39 in waiting line!!). So we still haven’t enough and we hope you too! There will be more surprises coming up next year! So stay tuned! Yours, Spermbirds

Not live but alive

Ok, we still can’t get on stage but as you can see on the picture. We’re writing a lot of songs. There are amazingly 30 songs in the song pool. And we definitely have to rehearse as soon as Markuses arm is ready. Normally the way it goes is, learning the song, checking if Lee finds something good to sing/scream and when around 25 are solid the voting for the recording begins. The 15 songs that got the most votes […]

THANKS – Live-Album free listening

Listen to our first livealbum THANKS from 1989 on Bandcamp for free. You can also donate or buy the record digital there. Have fun with it! Start this trip back to the old, fast and dirty days by clicking here

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"Go To Hell Then Turn Left"

Director & producer of video clip:
Kay Özdemir & Andreas Langfeld / Visual Attack.
Shot on March 22nd @Bla, Bonn



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