Spermbirds have split

Some of you won´t believe this as we have announced it quite a few times over the years since the early 1980’s – still it is sad but true: The Spermbirds are no more. And given our age, it is quite realistic that this time it’s forever.

You might want to know the reasons, but we don´t want to go into too many details. Let’s just say: Lee has left the band for various reasons. And unlike in 1993, we will not continue Spermbirds with a different singer.

Roger, Markus, Steve and Beppo will stay together, though. There are new plans, and they will be announced in due time. Just a hint: There are more than 40 Songs waiting for some vocals.

Although it is sad that this band ends now, we are looking back with great gratitude on more than 40 fantastic years. 40 years with the Spermbirds family, which does not merely include us five musicians, our ex-members, our beloved roadies Matzi and Hardy and our mastermind Jürgen from Rookie Records. It also includes our amazing audience, all those great people we have met over the years. We will never forget the great times we had with all of you and hopefully we will see each other again when we hit the stages with something new. Stay tuned – and don’t forget the fun!

Spermbirds, 02.11.2023

PS: For those of you who would like to swell a little bit in the Spermbirds past – check the new exhibition in the Stadt-Museum of Kaiserslautern: „No Punks in K-Town. Walter Elf and Spermbirds: Punk in Kaiserslautern“.

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